Residential Rehabilitation

A young female nurse works with a senior rehab client on exercise ball.

When you need intensive mental health care in a secure setting, residential rehabilitation with Harford-Belair Community Mental Health Center is an option. Our supportive services and housing can help adults thrive in the community.

Our residential program can assist individuals with a persistent mental health illness in an environment where they can receive individualized attention and life training skills, often ordered by a client’s psychiatrist. Research indicates that residential rehabilitation can often decrease hospitalization rates and increase quality of life.

Program Director: Cathy Fleming MS, LCPC

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A female health care worker from Harford Belair helps rehab a senior male client.

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Residential Rehabilitation is based on a client’s needs assessment. Get in touch with us to request an appointment.

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Medical staff from Harford Belair helps a senior male rehabilitation client using a walker.

Services Offered

Clients must meet medical necessity criteria established by the Mental Hygiene Administration to receive services. We provide an individualized living skills assessment, medication oversight, housing placement, cooking and laundry skills training, shopping skills training, behavior monitoring, mobility training, 24-hour crisis response, and in-home support to eligible clients.

All services are delivered by trained psychiatric rehabilitation counselors who are supervised by prepared clinicians.