Older Adult Mental Health Services

Growing older doesn’t have to be difficult and filled with uncertainties. We provide Older Adult Mental Health Services for adult clients over 55 through a comprehensive geriatric assessment with treatment based on an individually tailored care plan.

Harford Belair Community Mental Health Center offers treatment and management of various psychological conditions in older adults, including clinical depression, fearfulness, memory loss, and confusion.

Medical staff from Harford Belair speaks with senior female client.

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Older Adult Mental Health treatment services are individualized and based on a client’s needs assessment. Get in touch with us to request an appointment.

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A senior female client at Harford Belair speaks with a staff counselor.

Services Offered

Harford-Belair Community Mental Health Center provides Older Adult Mental Health services as part of a specialized Psycho Geriatric Rehabilitation program, also known as AGE PLUS.

All Harford-Belair Outpatient Services are delivered by licensed counselors, social workers, and psychiatric nurses under the supervision of the treating psychiatrist. We accept Maryland Medical Assistance, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Maryland Public Mental Health Uninsured Eligibility.