Assertive Community Treatment

Young male client smiling in group session at Harford Belair.

In instances where a client is in dire need of mental health treatment but is unwilling to receive services, it may be necessary to seek Assertive Community Treatment. Assertive Community Treatment at Harford Belair Community Mental Health Center assists individuals of all ages with a serious behavioral health disorder who are unwilling to receive traditional outpatient treatment.

The Assertive Community Treatment team provides quality psychiatric care, improves compliance with outpatient treatment, and aims to prevent hospitalization and abuse of emergency rooms. Together, we can assist members of our community in obtaining mental health services.

Program Director: Krystal Fisher, LMSW

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Assertive Community Treatment is an in-home, assertive community treatment service provided by multi-disciplinary staff including psychiatric nurses, psychiatric social workers/counselors, and psychiatrists. Get in touch with us to request an appointment.

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Young female client smiling in group session at Harford Belair.

Services Offered

Assertive Community Treatment services include psychiatric evaluation and treatment, case management, medication management, advocacy outreach, and 24-hour client accessibility.

Harford Belair Community Mental Health Center accepts Medicaid for Assertive Community Treatment.