Harford-Belair Foundation

Celebrating Decades of Compassionate Service



A Journey Began With A Promise

In 1996, in recognition of Elaine Snyder’s commendable career in leadership and her fervent drive to serve the unmet needs of the mentally ill, the Harford-Belair Foundation was created with the purchase of the Elaine Snyder House. This was more than just the purchase of a building but a promise to continue her legacy.


Our Legacy in Numbers

  • 7 Residential Houses
  • 7 Specialized Apartments


The Impact

In almost three decades, our initial commitment at the Elaine Snyder House has borne fruit in ways we had only dreamt of. With your help, we’ve been able to:

  • Establish six houses and seven apartments dedicated to the residential rehabilitation of the mentally ill.
  • Offer crucial services, including dental care, eye care, and other essential healthcare services often overlooked by state and federal funding.
  • Provide basic clothing and other essential needs client needs, ensuring our pursuit of holistic care.

Beyond The Numbers

While the numbers tell a tale of expansion and progress, the true success stories are written by people whose lives we’ve touched, smiles we’ve brought to faces, and hope we’ve put in hearts. Each person’s path of rehabilitation and rediscovery demonstrates our dedication.


Join Us in Our Continued Journey

As we celebrate 50 years as an organization, we are humbled by the kindness shown to us throughout the years. Our work, however, continues. Please help us continue our work over the next half-century to provide people with mental illness the respect and dignity they deserve in our society.


Please make your tax-exempt donation to “The Harford-Belair Foundation”

4308 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214.


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