Off Site Psychiatric Rehabilitation

A staff counselor at Harford Belair shares encouraging words with a middled aged female client. '

Have you or a loved one found it difficult to get integrated within your community? Psychiatric rehabilitation is available on a mobile basis through Harford Belair Community Mental Health Center for eligible adult mental health consumers. Eligibility is determined through criteria set by the Behavioral Health Administration.

The PRP Off-site program at the Harford-Belair Community Mental Health Center provides specialized support services for adult clients facing community challenges.

Medical staff from Harford Belair speaks with senior female client.

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Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation services are individualized and based on a client’s needs assessment and special eligibility. Get in touch with us to request an appointment.

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A young couple hug one another while a staff counselor from Harford Belair observes.

Services Offered

Our Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation program includes personal assistance from a qualified mental health professional in the areas of housing, finances, and access to health care.

We offer case management, medication assistance, advocacy and outreach, benefits coordination, Assertive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Outreach (APRPO), and additional assistance. All services must be pre-approved by Optum. We accept Medicaid and Maryland Uninsured eligible.